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Handmade Plantain Chips seasoned the Haitian way

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Natural, delicious snacks that taste like home [Haiti]

“Welcome, to the world of BANANE – a sanctuary where the ancient spirit of Haiti finds its voice through the dance of flavors. Within each morsel, we pay homage to our roots, guided by the wisdom of those who tread before us, a lineage embodied in the heart of Chef Shaëlle’s ‘Papitas’ – the Haitian Kreyol term for plantain chips.


In this sacred journey, papitas become the canvas upon which we paint the colors of tradition. A whisper of parsley, an offering to the memory of yesteryears; a touch of Cayenne, the fire of transformation; and the timeless embrace of garlic, the heartbeat of generations past. With every bite, the symphony of Haiti resonates.


Yet, BANANE offers more than mere sustenance; it’s a choice woven in the fabric of consciousness. Our commitment to organic bounty and plant-based essence is a testament to the harmonious dance between your soul’s nourishment and that of Mother Earth.


In the tapestry of life, your part transcends taste. As you savor the story of ‘papitas,’ you harmonize with a legacy that bridges oceans, cultures, and hearts. Our mission, a hymn to empowerment, a path to unity, invites you to tread alongside us.

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