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At BANANE, we are dedicated to fostering wellness, growth, and positive change in Haiti’s communities.

Our partnership with Grown in Haiti embodies a three-fold approach that encompasses mindfulness education, entrepreneurship, and ecological regeneration.

BANANE and Grown in Haiti’s partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to holistic well-being, empowerment, and ecological sustainability. Together, we are not only nurturing young minds but also cultivating a brighter and more resilient future for Haiti.


Mindfulness and Wellness Workshops


We are dedicated to nurturing the holistic well-being of young minds. Our partnership with Grown in Haiti allows us to offer a comprehensive range of practices aimed at fostering growth, self-awareness, and positive change. Through our 60-minute wellness workshops, held in the serene surroundings of Grown in Haiti’s food forest, we guide students aged 6 to 17 in exploring an array of transformative practices, including:


1. Breathing Techniques: Cultivating mindfulness through breath awareness, fostering a sense of calm and presence.

2. Listening Skills: Enhancing the ability to truly listen, promoting effective communication and empathy.

3. Team Collaboration: Learning the value of teamwork, cooperation, and collective achievement.

4. Reflection and Self-Discovery: Encouraging introspection to foster personal growth and self-understanding.

5. Yoga for Balance: Embracing yoga not just as a physical practice, but as a means of achieving harmony—both within themselves and in their surroundings.

6. Non-Attachment: Embracing the concept of non-attachment to promote emotional resilience and inner peace.

7. Generosity and Contribution: Instilling the importance of giving back to the community and making a positive impact.

8. Dreaming and Vision Casting: Nurturing the ability to dream big past current or perceived limitations, and empowering students to envision a brighter future, setting audacious goals and forging a path to achieve them.


Through these workshops, we aim to provide students with a diverse toolkit of skills that extend beyond the classroom, empowering them to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, compassion, and resilience.

Entrepreneurship and Empowerment


In partnership with Grown in Haiti, we’re dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and empowerment among young minds. Through this initiative, students embark on a transformative journey that goes beyond traditional learning.


Two determined individuals recently collaborated to gather locally sourced blue vervain and cerasee for our shop, achieving in just five days what amounts to a month’s average Haitian salary. This accomplishment not only reflects the value of their time and effort but also empowers them with a sense of purpose and achievement.


As part of this entrepreneurship endeavor, students develop vital life skills, including:


1. Investment in Self: Recognizing and nurturing personal growth potential.

2. Goal-Oriented Mindset: Pursuing clear and achievable objectives.

3. Motivation to Grow: Fostering a mindset of continuous improvement.

4. Time Valuation: Understanding the importance of effective time management.

5. Contributing to Community: Becoming catalysts for positive change within their families and communities.


This initiative imparts practical business skills and life lessons, enriching students’ experiences and empowering their future endeavors.

Regenerating Haiti’s Eco Health


A prideful achievement unfolded this July when Chef Shaelle successfully completed Grown in Haiti’s Syntropic Agroforestry Certificate Program—conducted in the native language of the land, Haitian Kreyol.


This achievement holds a special resonance with our identity as a plantain chip company. Chef Shaelle’s completion of the program deepens her awareness of the delicate life cycles, including the remarkable journey of plantains. Through agroforestry, a method of sustainable land use, Chef Shaelle gained a profound understanding of how every being, every microbe is intricately intertwined—a holistic approach that stands as a potent antidote to global warming, pollution, and environmental degradation. Importantly, the significance of learning agroforestry becomes evident in a nation where 60 percent of Haitians are dependent on agriculture. By mastering agroforestry, individuals embrace a path to self-sustainability, liberating themselves from the cycle of reliance on selling and purchasing food for basic survival.

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